The Rock - Napa, CA 1758 Industrial Way #117, Napa, CA 94558
Sunday Worship Service 10:10am

What We Believe


The Rock Belief Statements:

God is love

He is patient, kind, slow to anger, faithful, holy, and set apart. It is his kindness that draws us close. He is eternal, one being, embodying three personhoods: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

We are created in His image

We were created in His image to enjoy Him and experience close-knit relationship. God has a plan and unique purpose for each of our lives. We were given free will to freely choose God. When we freely choose against God, sin enters into our lives.

Sin destroys

Sin poisons our lives and our relationships with our heavenly Father and those around us; like a veil it sits over our identity causing our lives and relationships to get out of alignment.

We are saved by grace through faith

Even knowing beforehand man would choose sin, and because of His great love for us, God created a way for relationship to be restored through His son Jesus Christ. Jesus came to earth, died in order to atone for our sin, and rose and ascended to heaven so that relationship would be fully restored. We have open access to our Father through Christ His Son, and remain forever forgiven of every past and future sin. We give God’s grace power in our lives through our faith in Christ’s great work, believing it has been fully finished and accomplished.

We are called to demonstrate our faith

We are created in God’s image in order to be God’s image on the earth. We can demonstrate our faith by being baptized by water and by Holy Spirit, by joining with fellow believers in relationship to strengthen and encourage one another, by remaining repentant and forgiving in our daily lives and relationships just as God forgives us, and by living as Christ lived on the earth, loving others as God loves them and praying for and proclaiming the great news of freedom to others.

It all comes down to identity

Our power as believers to walk in joy, in abundance, free from fear comes from knowing whose we are and as a result who we are. You don’t just exist, you belong! We have the power to walk in our identity daily, as courageous stewards of who God has created each of us uniquely to be, living in relationship with God, accomplishing the dreams, desires, and passions he has laid on each of our hearts.


The Rock Core Passions:

The Bible

The Bible is the inspired and only infallible and authoritative Word of God. It not only shows us who God is and instructs us in our daily lives, but it is also a weapon with which we can use to refine our thoughts and our hearts. It is important for us to read it as well as store it in our hearts so that we would remember its truths always.


Prayer is not the least we can do, it is the most important thing we can do. When we pray, we are leaning in to hear our Father’s voice. It changes our hearts and transforms our spirits. As we hear our Father’s voice we are reminded of who we are in Him and we naturally align ourselves with His heart to see this world the way He sees it. Our church has a passion for hosting times of prayer as well as teaching new or old believers how to pray. We want to pray for you and with you.


As worship leader Kim Walker puts it, worship is not just songs or music, it is God Himself pouring His love out on us, and then us responding to that love by pouring our love out on Him. We seek to demonstrate and teach one another how to cultivate a lifestyle of worship. God lives within us, so He never once leaves us. You can worship God with song, dance, and with instruments, but we are also called to worship the Lord in our daily life, at our jobs, in our homes, even in the mundane parts; you can encounter God while doing the dishes!

The Supernatural

God has given many gifts to the church including supernatural ones. Jesus himself demonstrated the supernatural during His time on the earth through constant conversation with the father, through miracles, signs, and wonders, through healing, and through divine wisdom to name a few. Before Jesus died, he told the church that even greater works would we do, giving them the authority to do so by the power of Holy Spirit who lives in us.

The Church

The church is not just a building; it is the people. We ourselves are the temple of the Holy Spirit; the church is the bride and family of God. God models family by His very nature; He is Father, Son, and Spirit. Being created in His image, we are made to live in relationship with not only God, but with one another too! It is important that all believers are connected with a church where they can experience the love of God through His people.That is why it is our heart to see everyone connected to a church where they can grow, get connected, get encouraged, and get strengthened (even if it doesn’t happen to be ours). It is part of our mission in our own church that every member would experience real relationship and real love. Church is not just the Sunday service, it is the lifestyle you live alongside the relationships you build with fellow believers.