The Rock - Napa, CA 1758 Industrial Way #117, Napa, CA 94558
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Facility Rental

We at The Rock seek to be a blessing to our local community by way of extending the opportunity for persons to rent our facility for activities and ceremonies that are in keeping with the values and attitudes of The Rock. We encourage all spheres of influence, business, education, government, faith-based organizations, media, family, arts and entertainment, to consider our facility for an occasional meeting place, advancing the amazing life we live in the Napa Valley.


Rental Fee: The use of the facility is based on an attendance and hourly rate. We provide half and full day rates as well. Facility use hours are Monday-Saturday 7am-10pm. Please review the figures below:


Hourly/Attendance Rate*

$40/hour for 1-25 people (custodial fee not included)**

$60/hour for 26-50 people (custodial fee not included)**

$75/hour for 51-75+ people (custodial fee not included)**


*These rates are for a maximum of 4 hours. Should any reservation exceed 4 hours, the rate moves into half or full day rate.

**Depending on the purpose of your meeting, its activities, and attendance, custodial fees can be waived at our discretion.


Half/Full Day Rate

Half Day (5 to 7 hours) = $460 (this includes custodial fee)

Full Day (8 to 10 hours) = $860 (this includes custodial fee)


If the renter is regularly using the facility with some form of weekly/monthly consistency, all fees are due between the 1st and 5th of every month.


Insurance: Our insurance company, Church Mutual, requires all outside groups using the church’s facility to acquire insurance and provide proof. In addition, you will need to request a Certificate of Insurance naming the church (The Rock) as “additional insured,” if you are planning on using the facility regularly with some form of weekly/monthly consistency. All outside groups will not be covered by The Rock's insurance policy. Weddings, funerals, and family gatherings (since not business related or organizationally tied) will be exempt from the need of insurance.


Use Time/Use of the Facility: Please make sure the time and day you are requesting to use the facility is clear and strictly followed. This is due to the possibility of another group using the facility following your meeting. Also, please use only the designated areas that have been agreed upon. You must have the permission, if not already authorized by the pastors/eldership, to use additional items in the auditorium (sound system, instruments, offices, children's rooms, kitchen, storage areas, etc;).


Cleanliness: There will be a $60 cleaning fee and deposit in addition to rental fees. The first $30 will be used for our personal custodial staff to thoroughly clean the facility after use. The remaining $30 is refundable if the required cleaning doesn’t exceed 2 hours. To ensure that you are within the 2 hour time frame, please make sure that all used areas are returned in the arrangement it was found. Also,please check the restrooms, foyer, and auditorium for any trash that needs to be put in the receptacles upon leaving.


Room Seating

Our main auditorium comfortably seats 150 persons. If the purpose of your meeting and use of the facility requires that all chairs be cleared out of the auditorium, you will be charged an additional $25 for this service if you are unable to make the necessary changes in seating yourself. We take responsibility for basic room seating. Any special arranged seating is the responsibility of the renter.


If you are interested in renting our facility, please send us a message via our CONTACT US page and specify "FACILITY RENTAL" in the Email Subject. A coordinator will return your message in a timely manner. Thank you for considering The Rock for your next event!