The Rock - Napa, CA 1758 Industrial Way #117, Napa, CA 94558
Sunday Worship Service 10:10am

What to Expect


A Joy-Filled Welcome

Here at The Rock we are a family that is happy to see one another. Sunday service is where we come to celebrate what God is doing in the midst of us. Expect an upbeat atmosphere rooted in authentic relationship with God the Father and with one another. If you already have joy or if you are in need of a bit more joy, feel free to come as you are.


A Diverse Family

One of the positive aspects we celebrate about our church family is our diversity. Our church includes a wide range of ethnicities, ages, and backgrounds. In this way, our church reflects the diversity of God’s greater Kingdom (which makes sense considering that our God is a creative God). At our church, truly, all are welcome at whatever stage of life you find yourself in, whether that be a season of joy or a season of mourning. There is a time for all seasons and there is a place here for every person.


Casual Attire

Just as our family is diverse, our styles are diverse. There are those who enjoy dressing their best in slacks or perhaps a dress; and then, there are those who keep it more casual and rock those jeans and graphic tees. Whether you’re wearing a dress shirt or a t-shirt, we want you to feel welcome and comfortable. We all give our best as we pour out our hearts in honest worship and celebration.



Our church is deeply passionate about worship. Our times of worship are honest, enriching, and spirit-filled. We seek to not just sing songs, but to inspire and facilitate a deeper connection with God our Father that is engaging and participatory. We desire to feel Holy Spirit tangibly and let Him lead.


What does it mean to encounter the tangible presence you ask? Come and experience for yourself. We seek to have a relationship with God that goes beyond the words we read on the page or the songs that we sing aloud. Those are the vehicles that get us there, but they are not the end in and of themselves. Worship is beyond just having a concert with great music; it is a time for us to connect, pour out our hearts, and get filled by God himself.


Our worship features diverse expressions. You will see some sitting, some standing, some dancing, some waving flags, some raising hands. We desire for people to worship in accordance with the prompting of Holy Spirit, however you may feel guided. The songs we sing are current, sometimes original, sometimes spontaneous, with an “oldie but a goodie” thrown in from time to time; it's all worship unto God.



The sermon is a time of teaching and life-sharing. Our teachers are transparent, and what they share is relevant, sometimes humorous, and in the end, is for the purpose of building up the church, either through a new understanding of what we already know to be true, or through a personal revelation that we feel is for the whole church to hear. The sermon is a time for people of all levels to share in learning, whether you desire to learn the foundations of what it means to live a Christ-centered life or you want to go deeper into the more that God always has for us to discover together.


We are committed to accurately depicting the Father God’s loving heart, in which His words and His scripture are steeped in. We desire to communicate right understanding, context included, as well as truth. In the end, our teachers desire to demonstrate truth and a Christ-centered life well lived as they teach it.


Ministry Time

Ministry time is a time when we as a church want to serve you well and connect with you on a personal level. We have a ministry team fully prepared to pray for any of your prayer needs and encourage you in your day to day as well as in your dreams and goals. We desire to see you lifted up and celebrated just as God Himself lifts you up and celebrates you. When one of us is celebrated, we bear in excitement for one another.


This is a time to experience the power and love of God through His people through a word of knowledge, healing, a word of prophecy, as well as through just being loved on by His community, the church.


What is a word of knowledge or a word of prophecy you ask? We believe that God speaks to His people as outlined in scripture. We believe “His sheep hear His voice.” Words of knowledge and prophecy are times where the ministry team asks the God to reveal His heart about a person and we get to release his heart, sometimes with a prayer, or a picture.  The good news is that all His thoughts about you are good thoughts, so it is always an encouraging experience!


Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about us and who we are; we can’t wait to meet you! The great news is, you don't have to wait until Sunday to get connected; you can get connected with us by filling out your contact information via our “Contact Us” page. A member of our leadership will be happy to contact you should you like more information or have any questions (you can also visit our “FAQ” page to see if your question has made the list of our “Frequently Asked Questions”). Blessings on the rest of your day; see you Sunday!