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Recommended Books


New Testament Bible Survey

Books of the Bible (Biblica) ⇐ Click this link to purchase on



The Book of Mysteries (J. Cain)

Jesus Calling (S. Young)

Reference Books & End Times

Understanding the Whole Bible (J. Welton)

Raptureless (J. Weton)


New Christians

Normal Christianity (J. Welton)


Relationships, Marriage and Family

Eyes of Honors (J. Welton)

Keep Your Love On (D. Silk)

7 Secrets of a Supernatural Marriage (Dan and Linda Wilson)

Partnering With Heaven: Praying for your Children (T. Hawkins)

Loving Your Kids on Purpose (D. Silk)

Culture of Honor (D. Silk)



The School of the Seers (J. Welton)

New Age Masquerade (J. Welton)

New Covenant Prophetic Ministry (Jim & Carolyn Welton)

Translating God (S. Bolz)



The Winning Attitude (J. Maxwell)

Winning with People (J. Maxwell)

Developing the Leader Within You (J. Maxwell)

Developing the Leaders Around You (J. Maxwell)



God’s Generals: Why They Succeeded, And Why Some Failed (R. Liardon)

God’s Generals: Diary of John G. Lake