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Recommended Music

Ever wonder where the worship team finds their songs? Want to get a head start to learning the songs we sing on Sundays? The Rock worship team has compiled a playlist of the songs we are going after this season by the artists who most deeply impact us. The majority of the videos even have the words so that you can learn the songs as you listen.

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Songs For This Season: His Presence, His Glory, and Freedom

This season the worship team felt it pressed on their hearts to go after songs that embody and meditate on God’s Presence, God’s Glory, and the freedom that comes from knowing Him. With that being said, we are already declaring that this season of your life and your households would be rich in the Father’s presence, that you would experience His Beauty and Glory, and that you would step into even greater measures of freedom than you have ever before experienced. Greater are your days ahead than the days behind you. We are declaring that each of these songs would be a message of truth and hope over you. May they minister to you as you listen!